Saturday, November 8, 2008

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of was Saturday.

Saturday is that magical day that all of us in the working world long for. Saturday is my day of relaxation, of getting chores done, and my most favorite part...getting to have Fiona for a whole day.

You see, Monday through Friday I get to see Fiona for about 3 hours total each day. "How can that be?" you ask...

Well, I wake up at 6:30 and get ready for work while she finishes sleeping. I wake her up at 7am, feed her, put her in her carseat, and drive her to Gabu (my mom, who takes care of her). Total morning Fiona time = 30 minutes tops.

In the evenings I get off from work around 5pm. At least one night a week I have 'late-night' which means I can't leave until the last patient is out the door. Most times this is around 5:30-6pm; the other week it was 6:45. Anyhow, I digress. I get off work at 5pm, retrieve my babe and head home. We usually get home by 5:45. At this point she eats, I cook supper (or not), we play, and then at 7:30-8pm she falls asleep. Total evening Fiona time = approximately 2-2.5 hours.

Now, I hear some of you saying "Yeah, but you get to see her while she is sleeping. Plus, you get up 3 times a night to feed her. Isn't that enough time for you?" NO. If I had it my way, I would spend every minute of every day with her and that still wouldn't be enough time.

Back to Saturday. The problem with Saturdays is that I hardly interact with Fiona during the week. While she has a pretty good routine established with Gabu, somehow that doesn't happen with me on Saturdays. In other words, each Saturday I have to re-learn what she wants and how she wants it. For example, during the week my mom gives her bottles, and Fiona doesn't have to work very hard for her meal. On the weekend she nurses and gets mad that my milk doesn't come out faster. So we spend 30 minutes with her screaming until she wears herself out enough that she'll take whatever she can get. I also struggle with wanting to play with her and find myself forgetting that she needs to nap. Add in any travel, appointments, or seeing friends and family and it can be a disaster waiting to happen.

By Sundays Fiona and I are back into a rhythm and can function pretty well together. Sunday is my favorite day of the week. And then that ugly Monday rolls around and I lose it all over again until the next weekend.

So what can I do? I've already requested changing my schedule from a 5 day a week routine to a 4 day a week routine. But that wasn't approved. I have a job lined up that would start in February for 3 days a week, but after some challenging patients this week I wonder if that job is really right for me.

I guess all I can do is learn from each Saturday and pray that the next will be smoother.

Until next time...this is working mom #185011 signing off.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

So I haven't exactly lived up to the one blog a week minimum that I set for myself 5 weeks ago when I went back to work.

So I promise that in the next few days I'll take some lovely pics and share some Fiona stories with you.

Things to look forward to reading about -

1. Rolling over
2. Lullabies - why do so many stink?
3. Sleeping in the big girl crib
4. Fenugreek and maple syrup

See you all soon! Love Jenn

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hi Aunt Sarah!

To everyone who doesn't know already - my sweet sister Sarah is living in Paris France until next summer. So Fiona thought it would be nice to post a video for Aunt Sarah to see how big she is getting. Fiona says hi to all of ya'll too.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vacation & other tid-bits

Hey all,

We just got home from a fantastic vacation down at the beach with my best friend Catherine and her family. It was an amazing time of relaxation and learning. Catherine has a sweet little girl who is almost 16 months, and she is wild (in a good way of course!). It was so much fun to watch what we have to look forward to in the next year. Fiona was totally mesmerized by Grace's ability to walk and play and say "Hi baby!"

Will, Jennifer & Fiona at the Beach

Jennifer, Fiona, and Grace

Fiona showing off her beach hat.

On a different note, I am starting a new blog that will be devoted to deeper, more spiritual matters. It won't be for everyone's taste, but I just thought I would throw it out there.

Last of all, tomorrow I am starting back to work. Therefore, the number of posts per week will significantly diminish. I hope that I will post once weekly, but I can't promise anything. I'm assuming that the little time I will be getting with Fiona will be spent with her and not on here.

Well folks, thats all for now. I'll give you the update on going back to work soon.

Peace - Jennifer

Friday, October 3, 2008

Back to reality.

This Monday 10/6 is the big day...back to work I go.

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed spending the last 10 weeks with my sweet Fiona. It has been a miracle evolving before my eyes.

I am currently in denial that I only have 2 more days of this before I will spend 40+ hours a week away from her.

I understand that God challenges us in different ways, and usually He doesn't pick something easy to challenge us on. I just wish that I had more instead of finishing this blog, I'm going back to watching her sleep.

Hope you understand. Love, Me

Monday, September 29, 2008


Yesterday I noticed that Fiona was starting to reach for her toys. She has a toy cow that hangs from the ceiling in the Element & she kept motioning like she was going to grab it but never did. However, today Fiona actually grabbed onto one of her toys and was totally mesmerized by the noises and lights. I am so excited!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Strangers make me laugh.

So I just got home from the thrift store where I was shopping for some warm things for Fiona. While I was there she was asleep in her car seat, so I just toted her along.

As I was standing near the sweaters a lady walks up and says "So how far along are you?"

Thinking she meant to ask how old Fiona is, I said " mean, well, she's 2 months."

At which point she turns and says "Oh! I didn't even see her! Sorry! I guess you're still just losing the baby weight."

.....Uh, yeah.

I don't know who was more embarassed me or her.

To try and make a joke out of things I said "Well, it sure would be funny if I were pregnant."

At which point she turned and said "You have been using protection haven't you?"

......Ok, awkward...time to check out.

Hahahaha. Ahh, strangers make me laugh.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fiona update!

Yesterday Fiona had her 2 month, has it really been 2 months already? Yeppers, she's 9 weeks old today. I remember when she was only 9 weeks old in my belly. :o)

So here is the update on Miss Fiona:

Weight 10lbs 15.5oz (50th %)
Length 24 inches (75th %)
Head 15.5 inches (50th %)

She also got her first shots yesterday. It was pitiful, but she was a champ and did great. I think it wrecked my nerves more than hers. Anyhow - here are some new pics...enjoy!

Fiona and I relaxing this morning.

This is for all of you who don't believe that Fiona makes mad faces.
Sitting up!

Visiting Faithdog with Daddy.

Startled by the camera.

Comfy on Mommy.

Friday, September 19, 2008


As some of you may know, we (as in Will and my Dad) have had quite the garden this year. We've grown everything from tomatoes to peppers, collards to cucumbers, eggplants to watermelons, and everything in between.

On this gardening adventure we have also learned to can food in order not to waste anything. We now have a pantry FULL of canned foods. The list includes the following -

Pear preserves
Fig preserves
Tomato concentrate
Heirloom tomato soup
Vegetable soup
Green beans
Dill pickles
Bread and Butter pickles

Overall, we have approximately 150 quart jars full of yummy food from the garden.
For those of you who are intrigued by this amazing plethora of food, I highly suggest you splurge on the $68_ canner at Wal-Mart and go for it! It is wonderfully simple and definately worth the time. Some would say its domestic, but I say its earthy. :o)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cloth Diaper Update

Fiona chillin in her Fuzzi Bunz

So like our friend Jessica, I thought I would give ya'll a cloth diaper update. Who knows - maybe one of you other mamas out there will be able to use this info. All babies are different and require different diapering techniques to keep them, and their bottoms happy. Just as an FYI - Fiona has a very sensitive bottom & doesn't tolerate being wet very well if at all.

First of all let me say that I would not recommend using cloth diapers on your newborn until s/he is a few weeks old. Especially if this is your first baby or your first cloth diapering experience.

When Fiona was a newborn she used up to 25 diapers a day. You say this doesn't seem like a lot, but disposables are ~$0.25 each...which amounts to several dollars a day.

I bought cloth pre-folds from Green Mountain Diapers at $1.75 each (I bought 3 dozen - a total of $63.) These pre-folds are held together by something called a snappi fastner (another few dollars for a package of three). And then covered with an outter cover to keep the moisture from seeping through onto clothes.

The covers that I originally bought were Bummis Super Snaps. These covers just snap in place over top of the cloth diaper. The positives to this type of cover is that they are not expensive (~$12 each), and you re-use them through several diaper changes until they are wet or stinky. The downside to these is that there is no protective layer to keep babies from being wet. The layering order goes: Bottom, Cotton pre-fold diaper, Bummis cover. Therefore once baby is wet or dirty they are going to sit in it until you change them. Now some babies don't mind this and don't fuss very much when wet. Well...not Fiona. As soon as Fiona would become even the slightest bit wet she would scream and scream and scream until she was changed.

Needless to say - this type of cover just wasn't going to work for us. We needed a type of cloth diapering style that would keep Fiona's bum dry even if she was wet, capiche?

So onto ebay I went and bought some diaper covers called Fuzzi Bunz. Fuzzi Bunz are a pocket style cover which means that you slip the cloth diaper inside a pouch in the cover and that there is a layer between the cloth diaper and the baby's bottom. The positives to this type of cover is that it keeps baby's bottom dryer and keeps the wetness contained in the cloth diaper in the pocket. The downside is that they are expensive brand new (~$18 each...I bought mine secondhand for ~$12 each), and they can only be used once then must be washed. The way I use my Fuzzi Bunz is to stuff the pocket with a folded cloth pre-fold diaper (which I already had, so I didn't buy any additional "inserts"). So, the layering order goes: Bottom, fleece layer of the Fuzzi Bunz to keep baby dry, Cotton pre-fold, outter waterproof layer of the Fuzzi Bunz.

This method has worked wonders for us! Fiona loves her Fuzzi Bunz and rarely fusses about being wet. We wash the FB and cotton pre-folds daily because I don't have enough Fuzzi Bunz to last us more than a day. I am also still using ~4 disposable diapers during the night in order to have all the FB washed and ready for the next day. If I had enough FB to last me through the night I would definately use them - they're just so easy.

Overall - if you have never used cloth diapers I would seriously recommend purchasing a trial pack from a company like Green Mountain Diapers. That way you can test out several different types before deciding which one will work best for your child and your budget.

Last of all, I would like to pitch the idea for cloth wipes. I'm using cotton flannel wipes for Fiona. They're just two pieces of flannel sewn together ~6"x6" and I use a spray bottle with a diluted mixture of California Baby Diaper Area Wash to make them wet before using. The benefit is the cost is cheap, and I can just wash and re-use when done. For you sewing mamas these are super easy to make. Just get some flannel, cut into 6x6 squares. Place wrong-sides together and serge the edges. Voila! For you non-sewing mamas, you can buy some online at Green Mountain Diapers.

For additional resources on how-to cloth diaper check out these videos on You-Tube:
Using cloth pre-fold, snappi, and bummis cover
Using Fuzzi Bunz

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yippee!!! My best friend is moving back to NC!!!!!!!!!!!! Catherine and her lovely family are moving home (hopefully next week) after being away for over 2 years. I am so excited! God is so good! Yippee!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Just a warning - this may make some of you yack or just gross out. This is the disclaimer - if you loose your lunch, its your own doing. You could have stopped reading here.

Recently Will decided to quit his job in the effort of finding a new job that better suits him/us. Its been really really nice having him around the house. I get to share Fiona with him and its been lovely.

He was so sweet - yesterday morning he got up early and fixed me coffee and oatmeal. Now, I haven't had regular coffee in the mornings since before I was pregnant, so this was a real treat for me. And he fixed it just perfect with cream and sugar, which none should be without (how people drink black coffee I have no idea).

When he handed me the cup of coffee I looked at it and thought "Hum, thats funny. I thought we were out of milk. Oh well, guess I was wrong." So I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast and played with Fiona while Will went and fed the dogs. Later on he came back in and said "You make good milk, huh?" I didn't get it & just looked at him funny. His response... "Yeah, we were out of milk, so I used some of your breastmilk for the coffee. I didn't think you or Fiona would mind. Besides we're the only animals on the planet that don't drink our own milk."

WOW. Well, the coffee was tasty. No worries though, this is not going to become a regular habit. The fridge is now stocked with half & half.

Monday, September 8, 2008


This morning Fiona had the hiccups but was still nice enough to give her Daddy a smile or two. You can also see her track him with her eyes as he moved from one side of the bed to the other.

Lastly - you'll hear us calling her "Nona Bear" - this is our nickname for her...which if you ever get to witness one of her crying fits, you'll understand why. :o)


Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Dream of Fiona...

Recently I've been having these dreams. They happen about 3-4 times a night, depending on how many times Fiona wakes up.

You see, each night I'll be perfectly sound asleep having a normal dream (say something about walking the dogs)...then all of a sudden my dream comes to a complete halt and changes into a dream about picking Fiona up from her bassinette, changing her diaper, feeding her, and then laying her back down in her bassinette.

The reality of it is that my dream does this each time Fiona is actually waking up. So when I finally get up I think that I've already changed and fed her and that she's just squirming and needs her pacifier. (doh - bad mommy)

The funny thing is - last night I finally realized what was happening when Fiona wasn't wearing the same PJ's as she had just been wearing just a moment ago (DUH - different jammies in my dream than what she was actually wearing).

So am I that sleep deprived that my body is trying to trick me into staying asleep through Fiona's squirming by dreaming about what I should actually be waking up to do? Does this make any sense?

Here is to sleep - or the lack of.

I love you Fiona. XOXO

Thursday, August 28, 2008

You know you're from North Carolina when...

You know you're from North Carolina when...

I read some of these, and they are SO true! Especially where I give you an idea, I'm surrounded by tobacco fields, and its pickin' time! So about once an hour a parade of tobacco-wagons comes haulin' fresh picked tobacco past my house on the way to the curing barns. (If you don't know what a curing barn is, you can stop reading because these won't make sense to you.)

I highlighted the ones that apply to us the most :o)

**Disclaimer - I did not write these, and after reading them I can easily say that someone from Eastern NC wrote these (see #s 8, 17, 34, 40, 55, 78, 82).

This is for ya'll North Carolinians...You know you're from the heart of NC if:

1. You've gotten used to the smell of chicken manure on a car trip to Raleigh.
2. Saying "y'all" isn't just a cute expression; it actually means something.
3. There are big labrador retrievers in the back of every truck.
4. You give directions using KFC and Waffle House as landmarks.
5. You still see Dale Earnhardt tributes on cars.
6. You can't imagine life without Bojangles' sweet tea.
7. Your annual church fundraiser always deals with BBQ and potato salad.
8. You have a sunburn from May to October.
9. Your 'heavy winter clothing' consists of some turtleneck sweaters, a fuzzy jacket, and your daddy's boots.
10. Your family has fried chicken once a week.
11. You can tell the difference between cotton fields and tobacco fields while driving.
12. One of your neighbors has a confederate flag hanging on their front porch.
13. Those "damn yankees" are taking over your school/church/workplace/neighborhood...
14. You've been "properly raised", and yankees love it when they hear you say "ma'am" and "sir".
15. You get your carbs from biscuits, rolls, pancakes, and grits.
16. You know the difference between a "redneck" and a "hick".
17. You own at least one t-shirt from Bert's Surf Shop, AB Surf Shop, or The Sanitary Fishmarket.
18. No matter what those people in Ohio say, we are still "first in flight".
19. The Coca-Cola 600 is as big as the Super Bowl.
20. You prefer Chick-fil-a to KFC.
21. You know pastry is a chicken stew, not a dessert item.
22. Every time you visit someone you’re offered something to eat and a glass of tea.
23. Your granddaddy always wore overalls and your grandma always wore an apron.
24. In summer you have home-grown tomatoes with every meal.
25 When it rains and the creek rises, everyone gathers to see how high it rose.
26. You know that "chunk" the ball means to throw it.
27. You've had a burger "all the way" - chili and slaw on it.
28. You can recognize a copperhead and your heart drops when you see one.
29. You have at least one relative that raises collards.
30. You know Krispy Kreme makes the best doughnut.
31. You have an opinion about UNC. You went there and loved it, or you hate everyone who did.
32. You know the difference between eastern BBQ and western BBQ (see number 85).
33. You would rather eat at Bojangles than McDonald's.
34. You have actually uttered the phrase "It's too hot to go to the pool".
35. You faithfully drink Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sundrop or Cheerwine everyday of your life.
36. You have your own secret BBQ sauce.
37. You or your neighbors have more hunting dogs than you have family members.
38. You know Pepsi originated in New Bern, Cheerwine in Salisbury, Mountain Dew in Lumberton, and Sundrop in Gastonia.
39. You know Coke tastes better in the little bottles and that peanuts make Coke taste even better.
40. Your folks have taken trips to the mountains to look at leaves.
41. Your school took a field trip to the State Fair in Raleigh.
42. You would elect Richard Petty or Ric Flair for governor if either ever ran.
43. You watched as Dale Earnhardt was the only man who ever lived who could go 200 mph, spin somebody out, call them a you-know-what, and win the race, all in the last lap.
44. You skipped school or work to go to Dale Earnhardt’s memorial service.
45. A tobaggan to you means a knit cap, not a sled.
46. You sold Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a school or church fundraiser before those glazed doughnuts went global.
47. When you're traveling out of state, people ask if you're from Mayberry.
48. You remember watching the ACC Tournament on television at school.
49. The local newspaper covers state, national and international news in one page, but sports requires six pages.
50. Most men in town consider the first day of deer season a national holiday.
51. Fifty degrees Fahrenheit is “a little chilly."
52. You have no problem spelling or pronouncing “Conetoe", “Topsail", or “Beaufort."
53. You know it’s pronounced APPALACHIAN and not “App-a-lay-shun."
54. Your school classes were cancelled because of cold.
55. Your school classes were cancelled because of a chance of snow.
56. Your school classes were cancelled because of heat.
57. Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waitin’ to pass a tractor on the highway.
58. Your school classes were cancelled because of a hurricane.
59. Your school classes were cancelled because of hunting season.
60. Your school classes were cancelled because of a livestock show.
61. You’ve ridden the school bus for an hour...each way.
62. You know more about ACC basketball than professional basketball.
63. You know the Carolina League is the greatest baseball league in the country.
63. You know that "Carolina" refers to UNC-Chapel Hill, while "State" refers to NC State.
64. You think South Carolina was dead weight well shed.
65. You know tea is served sweet unless you specifically ask for unsweetened.
66. You’ve ever had to switch from “Heat" to “A/C" in the same day.
67. You think ethanol makes your truck run a lot better.
68. Stores don’t have bags...they have sacks and are called Piggly Wigglys.
69. You see people wearing bib overalls at funerals.
70. You see a car running in the parking lot at the store with no one in it, no matter what time of the year.
71. Most of the festivals around the state are named after a fruit, vegetable, tobacco, or seafood: Seafood Festival (Morehead), Mullet festival (Swansboro)...
72. Priming was your first job...and you know what it means.
73. Your idea of a really great tenderloin is when the meat is twice as big as the bun and comes with cole slaw on top.
74. You say catty-wampus, yunto, ill-ass and ah-ite.
75. You know the difference between a deer dog, a bear dog and a coon dog by the way they bark.
76. You put security lights on your house and your garage and leave both of them unlocked.
77. Your four seasons are almost summer, summer, still summer, and highway construction.
78. You can tell if another North Carolinian is from Eastern or Western North Carolina as soon as he opens his mouth.
79. You can spell words such as Ocracoke, Fuquay-Varina and Chocowinity.
80. When asked how your trip to any foreign, exotic place was you say, “It was different."
81. Hyde County is considered a foreign or exotic place.
82. In the Piedmont, you see all the grown-ups go out and play in the snow.
83. Schools and churches hold barbecue fundraisers with banana puddin’ as the dessert.
84. After church you either stay for the barbeque lunch or the pig pickin'.
85. You know that barbeque is a food, not an occasion, and it applies to pork, not hamburgers or hotdogs. You also know that the best of any version, whether chopped or pulled, vinegar or tomato, can be found somewhere in NC.
86. You know what a "pig pickin" is and you can't wait to go.
87. You consider being a “Pork Queen" an honor.
88. You carry jumper cables in your car.
89. You know what “cow tipping" is.
90. You've driven with "Carolina Hurricanes" flags on your car because WE WON THE STANLEY CUP!!
91. You dip.
92. You've seen One Tree Hill and/or Dawson's Creek being filmed in Wilmington.
93. Pop refers a lot of things, not including soda.
94. You learned ALL about The Lost Colony in 4th grade...(and you know where Blackbeard's treasure really is ; )
95. You listen to beach music and you can shag.
96. You can pay the mechanic who worked on your truck with a quart of moonshine in return.
97. Your school was declared a "Tobacco Free Zone", but there are tobacco fields right outside.
98. You constantly see signs for tractor pulls and turkey shoots while driving through eastern NC.
99. You mash buttons and eat creamed potatoes.
100. You show this to some Carolina friends ‘cuz ya know it’s true, darlin'!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Mom Awards

There are some things that I strongly believe new moms should get congratulations for -

1. Taking a shower without someone there to watch baby.
2. The first time she cooks dinner without help.
3. The first time she drives with newbie in the backseat & doesn't require someone else to ride back there to make sure s/he is ok.
4. The first time she gets the laundry done all by herself.
5. The first time she goes shopping with baby all alone.
6. The first time she leaves baby with someone else to do something good for herself.
7. The first time she can make-love to her husband without saying "Owww!"
8. The first overnight trip away from home with baby.
9. The first night that baby sleeps through the night.
10. The first time that baby gets a booboo & mom realizes she can't protect them from everything.

If ya'll have any more to add feel free to comment.

Love ya!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Good Morning!!

This is a short video from this morning when Fiona was waking up. Too cute! (then again I am biased) :o)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fiona updates...

Hey Everyone!

This past week I finally discovered Facebook...I think I was the last person on the planet to sign up. Since then, I let my bloggin' slip to the side a bit. (Who knew fb could be so addictive?) So to make up for it - here is the Farmer Family update:

Fiona is growing and growing and growing. Today we went to the doc's for a second opinion on some screaming bouts she has been having. She weighed 9lb 9oz at one month old (still smaller than the birthweight of her good buddy Jude). The doc's think she may have reflux and that the pain from the acid has been causing her to have these screaming spells. So daddy-o went to the pharmacy and we're going to try some Zantac. (Mom's not too keen on medicines, but after watching Fiona whimper herself to sleep after screaming for 2 solid hours several times in the past few days - we're willing to try something.)

I finally captured Fiona smiling while she was sleeping...hopefully I'll capture it while she's awake next time.

As for me - I'm working on being a good mommy to Fiona and pondering when to go back to work.

As for Will - he is working insane hours at Apex Equine and debating getting his PhD. He's applied for tons of jobs but God hasn't opened any of those doors...however the door for getting his PhD remains wide-open. Please pray that we follow HIS path and not our own.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Word Meme...

Kathleen Tagged me for this meme (what this means I don't know), the rules are you have to answer each question with only ONE word, then you tag friends to get them to post it on their blog.

1. Where is your cell phone? Bed
2. Your significant other? Lovey
3. Your hair? Unstyled
4. Your mother? Helpful
5. Your father? Working
6. Your favorite thing? Fiona
7. Your dream last night? None
8. Your favorite drink? Hermitage
9. Your dream/goal? Heaven
10. The room you’re in? Bedroom
11. Your hobby? Sewing
12. Your fear? Fire
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here
14. What you’re not? Bored
15. Muffins? Bran
16. One of your wish list items? Peace
17. Where you grew up? Carolina
18. The last thing you did? Kissed
19. What are you wearing? Cotton
20. Favorite gadget? Refrigerator
21. Your pets? Insane
22. Your computer? Necessary
23. Your mood? Peaceful
24. Missing someone? Always
25. Your car? Element
26. Something you’re not wearing? Makeup
27. Favorite store? Etsy
28. Like someone? Love
29. Your favorite color? Green
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? Postpartum

Ok, now is the fun part- I tag Emily & Catherine...cause I know ya'll just have nothing better to do than to fill this out. ;o)

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I am constantly amazed at how fast babies change. Fiona is almost 3 weeks old...I truely believe that it is a gift from God that I am able to stay at home (at least for now) to watch and participate in her growth.

Some firsts this week - her cord fell off & she now has a "real" bellybutton, she'll take a paci, she'll sleep in her crib for a nap, & we're having long bouts of awake/play time.

Some things that I'm not ready to change yet - I love that she sleeps on my chest and nuzzles into me, I love her long brown hair (i don't want it to fall out), I love her baby smell (i still won't use soap on her - she smells too good), and most of all - I'm not ready to go back to work.

Call me crazy, but I want to be a stay at home mom. I realize that we just spent the equivilent of a new vehicle on my nursing education, but I don't want to go back to work. At the same time, I understand that in our current situation I have to go back, and that I need to be ok with it and not upset at our situation, or jealous of my friends who are able to stay at home with their babes.

Recently, my Aunt reminded me, "At least Fiona won't remember that you went back to work...her memory won't start until she's at least 18 months old." But it still breaks my heart to think of leaving her and missing so many firsts - first words, first laughs, etc.

The funny thing is, I used to say "I hope I have a husband who will stay at home with the kids so that I can would drive me crazy to be around kids that long." Shows you what I knew at 21.

So my most recent prayer is - Please God, let me have the opportunity to watch my child grow. Please let me be able to stay at home with her so that I can actively raise her to be yours. Please God, I just want to be her mom.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tabasco + Breastfeeding = Sad Bottom

Yesterday while my family was visiting I had a Chic-Fil-A sandwich. Naturally I put tabasco on it and started munching away. It was only a few bites later that my brain kicked on and said "you shouldn't have done that."

Today Fiona has a raw bottom and it has caused us much turmoil. Please be advised that if you're breastfeeding - do not eat tabasco.

Right now we're doing no diapers & lots of cream to help soothe the pain.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


WOW! We have been totally blessed to have our family around for the past few days. I think just about everyone has come to visit & has gotten to hold and love on Fiona. We have had a special treat with Will's Mom & my Mom coming and helping us out. THANK YOU!!!

We also had Will's sister's over last night (Nina & Lea -I should have gotten pics - but Fiona was needy and I didn't get any - sorry!).

Today we had Christopher, Jennifer, Eli, Zeke, & Caleb all the way from Boone. Thank you guys for making the 4 hour drive to see us even if it was just for the day. Be safe going home!

Caleb, Kelly & Zeke

Eli, Christopher & Jennifer

So thats about all for now. Thank you to all the people who love us so much and who mean so much in our lives. We are truely blessed to have you all as our families and friends. I hope we can visit more soon - but for now its naptime...Fiona you've got the right idea.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fiona's first cold...

I feel like a terrible mom - just a week old & Fiona has her first cold. Last night she started with the thickest yellowest snot I've ever seen in my life. Naturally my mind starts racing - "what did I not sanitize?!!?" And then I sneezed & realized - "oh...I guess that would be me." So I have passed on my cold to Fiona. We're working with the humidifier, comfrey oils, saline nose drops & of course our favorite, the blue snot-sucker. Please pray she gets over this soon. Its just pitiful.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birth Story

Today is Fiona's 1 week Birthday. We're so happy that she's here. So in honor of her - here is our birthstory. It took a while to write, but its been an amazing look back at how far we've come.
Fiona’s Birth Story –

On Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 at 3:45am my body decided that today would be a good day to have a baby. I was fast asleep when I awoke to find that my side of the bed was wet. I got up and was dripping all the way to the bathroom. I knew that labor would start soon, but I was still sleepy, so I went back to bed. When I climbed in, I rubbed Will’s back and whispered “Hey Honey, I think my water just broke.” He immediately was wide awake and got up to prepare. I tried to convince him to go back to bed, but he couldn’t and began packing the car. I on the other hand tried to get some more sleep. The contractions began half an hour later, but were infrequent and felt more like upset stomach than anything. I stayed in bed until 5:30 or so when the contractions were coming steadily at every 5 minutes and were getting more uncomfortable. Will popped his head into the bedroom and said, “what ‘cha want for breakfast?” We decided on eggs, bacon, and toast. It was delicious.
Jennifer in bed trying to get more sleep before labor kicks in.

After breakfast, Will called both of our families to let them know that I was in labor. It was about 6:30am. They were all very excited and told us to call when we wanted their company at the birth center.

While Will cleaned up breakfast I took a walk out in the yard. It was a beautiful misty morning and was so pure in God’s glory. As I walked and labored I thanked God for such a perfect morning and all of his majestic creations including the baby that was about to arrive. It was so peaceful and beautiful – I hated to leave, but knew it was time to call the midwives.

We called the Birth Center at 7:30am and let them know we would be on the way.
During the car ride Will and I chatted about God and life. He kept my mind occupied while I breathed through the contractions.

We arrived at the Birth Center around 8:30. Jewel, our midwife, checked me and let me know that I was 3-4cm and fully effaced. She said that I was doing a great job and just to keep doing whatever my body wanted. Will got out the birthing ball and some groovin’ music. I sat and rocked on the birthing ball for a while until my body let me know that I needed to move. My contractions were about every 3 minutes and increasing in strength. I climbed on the bed and got on all fours – this was my favorite laboring position. Will was my constant companion, rubbing my back and legs and letting me know what a good job I was doing. He was incredible and never left my side. I would have never been able to do this without him.
Jennifer on the birthing ball.

Around 11am I felt my contractions change and asked Jewel if she would check me again. She let me know that I was around 5cm. Her exact words were, “Alright, now this part goes quickly. That baby will be here before dinner.” Jewel then asked if I would like to get in the tub. I said yes and soon I was swimming in no time. The warm water felt wonderful. I was able to labor with my belly down but stretch my legs out behind me…kind of like laying on your stomach (something I hadn’t been able to do in a long time).

As I relaxed in the tub my contractions increased dramatically. My hips began to feel as if they might come unhinged, but I knew I needed to relax. As Ina May said ‘your cervix is a sphincter, and if you don’t relax it won’t open.’ So I followed her advice and kept my mouth as relaxed and open as possible “a loose mouth leads to a loose bottom.” With every contraction I reminded myself that these were just waves of energy that took all of my concentration to get the baby out. I remember staring at a small dot on a tile next to the tub saying in my mind “Just ride the Fiona wave, its going to be alright.” Jewel recognized my increasing discomfort as transition and suggested that Will push on my hips for counter-pressure; it was amazingly refreshing! Thank goodness for a strong husband.

Jennifer having a contraction in the tub.

At 1pm I got out of the tub and began laboring on the bed on my hands and knees again. Jewel checked me and let me know that whenever I felt like pushing I could start. At first I was a little scared and only gave a few small pushes. However, the urge to push soon overtook my body and I was pushing heavily with every contraction. Will helped to hold me during my pushes and kept telling me what a great job I was doing. The encouragement from him and the midwives was exactly what I needed to keep going. With every push I could feel her descending, but was anxious and asked “Is she coming down yet?” They all smiled and said yes and offered me a mirror to view. I could see her dark hair and was re-energized with a new will to push harder. At this point I was working very hard and was tiring, so between pushes I took mini-naps. (Will thought I was passing out and was a little concerned.) In reality it was an inward soulful meditation that helped me to focus on what was about to happen next. Those in-between times were beautiful on a spiritual level that I can’t explain.

At 2:27pm Fiona emerged, with help from her Daddy, and sang her first song – a long loud beautiful howl. I was overwhelmed with joy. While the midwives delivered my placenta, Will, Fiona and I all cuddled and loved on each other. Fiona was very slippery, pink, warm, and loud. The midwives nicknamed her “Feisty Fiona.” A few minutes later Fiona got all dried off and began to breastfeed. She’s a natural – we like to eat in this family.

Will, Jennifer and Fiona

Overall we stayed at the Birth Center until 11pm that night. Will walked and cuddled with Fiona for a few hours so that I could sleep. We were home by midnight and in bed by 1:30 (with the help of my mom who held Fiona all night long so we could rest).

This experience was the most powerful thing that has ever happened to us. I cannot explain how the birth of a child changes you – but it does. I just pray that we will be good Godly parents to her and that she will stay safe always. I pray that her life will be as natural as her birth, but hopefully a lot less painful. :o)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Gwendolyn Fiona Weight 7lb 11oz
Length 20 inches
Head 13.75 inches
Birthday Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008
Things are going well at home. Fiona is learning how to breastfeed, and so is mommy. Daddy seems to have the magic touch to get Fiona to calm down and sleep.
The birth was amazing and uncomplicated - we'll be posting that story soon.
For now, we're going to relax. We love you guys and can't wait for you to meet her.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to get your husband out of bed.

"Honey...I think my water just broke." Is the one sentance that will make your husband jump out of bed like a bolt of lightening at 3:45am. I have never seen Will more awake in my life.

Since then I've been laboring slowly at a whopping every 5 minutes kind of deal. But she's definately on her way. We'll keep ya'll posted.

Love Will and Jennifer

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Nursery

Here are the long promised pictures of Gwendolyn Fiona's nursery (this so better be a girl)...

~The view from the doorway ~

~The crib, some handmade pics via Mama & Sarah~

~The changing table, clothes/blankets, & swing~

~Pink dresser, stroller, & more pictures to hang~

~Last but not least...the bassinett in our bedroom~

Well thats about it!
Oh - by the way - sorry honey, I think I stretched out your clothes...XOXO

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Full Moon...

Well people...its the full moon. And you know what they say about the full moon - Its when babies are supposed to come!!! Wouldn't that rock if it were true?

Technically we still have 10 days until our due date.

Yesterday I was contracting on and off all day & all night long. But today not even one havin' is so funny. I'm so used to having control over what my body does and it is an interesting feeling to just sit back and let your body do what it wants.

As for other things going on with us -

I almost have the nursery pics to share with you all. I took them and now its just a matter of getting them on here to show you. Its really cute...but very girly - so I'm hoping this babe truely is a girl or else we're going to have a bit of redesigning to do.

Garden update - if anyone wants squash, cucumbers, or eggplant just let us know!!! The tomatoes are in abundance, but not red yet.

Well, thats about it for now. I'm tired - bedtime! Love you all, Jennifer

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunny Side Up

This week at our baby-check we learned that Miss Baby Farmer is "sunny side up" or "occiput posterior." This means that she is hanging out with her head down, but she is facing towards my belly button.
Most babies by 36 weeks have turned "occiput anterior" meaning that the head is down and facing towards the mama's back. OA is the ideal position for birth as it positions the baby so that the wider part of the head is toward the wider part of mama's pelvis. It is also ideal in that the back of the baby's head isn't pressing on mama's spine during labor.
So, in an effort to get Fiona to turn OA, my midwives have given me a list of things to try. These include working on my hands and knees and sitting in straight backed tilting backward! I must say - since bucket seats are off limits I've been driving with my seat back straight up. Anyone else ever tried this? Not only do I look incredibly silly to the other drivers, but its really hard to drive that way! Seriously, you should try it for just a mile or two...but be careful!!!
Anyhow - we'll go for our next check in 2 weeks - hopefully she'll have turned and dropped by then (38 weeks) and we'll be getting ready for her arrival.
Speaking of getting ready for Fiona --- check back soon as her nursery is almost done!!! I'll be posting pictures this week. Its so cute!!!
Hope all is well for everyone! We love ya, Will and Jennifer

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jennifer Farmer RN, BSN

Its official!

NCLEX-RN: The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses
Grade: PASS

I am officially Jennifer Farmer RN, BSN

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Don't take this the wrong way, because I'm not bragging- but I really feel like if I had been given the opportunity to take the NCLEX before beginning nursing school I probably would have made the same score as today...after 2 years of intense schooling.

In other words - no amount of studying, preparation, and pouring over my notes would have helped on this test. If any one of you can tell me what "Panniculitis" is without googling it I swear....

Anywho - technically I can have my potential nursing license preemptively rejected for talking about the NCLEX so I'll just say this - I better have passed or I'm going to have a fit.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ahh, life.

Hey Everyone!!!

Hope all is well with you - we're just chillin at home, working hard, still unpacking, and waiting for baby Farmer to get here....and no thats not a watermelon under there...

We FINALLY got internet yesterday night (yippee!!!) so now we can write to you as often as we want.

Some updates on life -
Jennifer is taking her nursing boards tomorrow (Tuesday 6/17...and I'm totally procrastinating studying right now by doing this instead). I am really not looking forward to the test, and feel slightly unprepared...but such is life. So what am I doing instead? Eating a piece of peanut-butter pie and a glass of milk - YUM.

New house/yard-guest: a new black lab doggy showed up in our backyard unexpectedly Saturday morning....anyone, anyone??? He's really cute but our dogs are completely overwhelmed and the black dog needs to go. If you want him let me know ASAP or he's going to the pound.

In the mean time, its been really hot and so we treated our pups to a new kiddy pool in the backyard - here is Foscoe just loving it. He even blows bubbles - its really cute.

Will has been working his booty off in the house/shed & massive garden...he has a co-op going with Hugh - I think we're up to 80 tomato plants, and several each of peppers, watermelons, cucumbers, squash, etc. So in August when its harvest time we'll be opening up "The Farmer's Market" (haha - get it, Farmer...yeah ok). These are some of our first tomatoes and a look down the rows at whats to come.
Well, I guess I should go study. I'll post pics tonight. Love & hugs, Jennifer

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Hi folks!

It sure has been a stressful and crazy last 2 weeks. However, we have learned how much ya'll love us and God works miracles all in his own time.

Long story short - we are the new residents at 9900 Kennebec Church Road, Angier NC 27501.

Our internet will be turned on this weekend (I'm at a cafe right now) - so I'll post pictures and our story then.

Hope you are having a wonderful week, and that you are blessed beyond measure.

Peace & Love, Jennifer

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Build your house upon a rock.

Matthew 7:24-27 says "24 Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. 25 Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won't collapse because it is built on bedrock. 26 But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn't obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. 27 When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a mighty crash."

Recently I have truely been convicted by this it Jesus was talking about the importance of following his teachings - today, I feel that it applies directly to my life and the relationships that I have with others.

As you may know, Will and I entered into a rent-to-own process and were looking forward to being in our new home. However, the relationship that we were in that was facilitating this process was not built out of rock, but on sand. We went into this process hoping that this house would solidify our relationship...but instead, the parable of the wise man came true...and we felt that things were breaking apart every step of the way. So in order to repair our relationships, we made the decision to break our promise and not move into that home. This has caused extreme upset, feelings being hurt, trust being broken, and ultimately the division of Will and I from my family.

This is not how we want things...but due to our choices, this is the way things are and where we will be working from.

As for housing - we are on a search, but more than likely will be staying with friends for a bit.

Please pray that God will open the doors to a safe place for us, our two dogs, our cat, and our baby who is due to be here in 8 weeks. Also please pray for my family, the broken relationships that need to be mended, and for peace among us all.

I'll keep you updated as things evolve. Peace, Jennifer

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Big Thanks!

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to send out a big thanks to everyone who has helped us so much over the last few weeks/months. It sure has been crazy...but hold on tight as we keep barreling on towards more fun adventures ---

(Housing information deleted...see most recent post titled "Build your house upon a rock.")

Jennifer takes the NCLEX (nursing boards) on June 17th

And of course...Baby Farmer is due July 28th!!! We have an online pool going, so feel free to enter in when you think he or she will show up:

Well thats all for now, hope to see ya'll soon! Love Will, Jennifer, and Baby Farmer

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Keeping up with the Jones'

I'd like to think that we're not the kind of folks that have to keep up with the Jones'...but, I've been jealous of everyone else's blogs for a while. Between school, work, and life I didn't think I could possibly find the time to keep one up. But in 4 short weeks my biggest barrier will be gone forever (or at least until i get bored and decide to change my career path again). So I thought it was high time to make our blogspot & help ya'll keep up with our busy lives.

Things going on lately
1. We're having a baby (gender-unknown) in T-minus 16 weeks and counting
2. We're buying a house in Southern Wake Co. (and by that I mean we are in the country!)
3. We're both graduating from our 2nd degrees in 4 weeks
4. We've started volunteering in the nursery at Vintage21 and loving it - those kids are hillarious
5. Will started working at Apex Vet Hospital & has applied for a position with the SBI
6. Jennifer will go to work at Cary Pediatrics until the baby is born and then take some time off

Well thats about it for now. I'll be updating this soon with new pictures of us, the baby to be, and our new home. We love you guys - hope to hear from you soon.