Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tabasco + Breastfeeding = Sad Bottom

Yesterday while my family was visiting I had a Chic-Fil-A sandwich. Naturally I put tabasco on it and started munching away. It was only a few bites later that my brain kicked on and said "you shouldn't have done that."

Today Fiona has a raw bottom and it has caused us much turmoil. Please be advised that if you're breastfeeding - do not eat tabasco.

Right now we're doing no diapers & lots of cream to help soothe the pain.


cat said...

Ohhkay, so I never would have thought about this. I'd be right there with you, munchin' on anything spicy and delicious. aww Fiona's poor bum.

Jodi said...

Have you tried Bag Balm? I swear it's the Bomb Bum Balm! Gretta usually only gets a red bum when I give her too much fruit or while she's cutting teeth, but I put that on her little bum and it soothes it and heals it in one day! She needs the barrier between her skin and the pee or poo. It's just an awful feeling all those firsts. Especially when you know it was something that could've been avoided.
No worries, though, this and many other parental mishaps will be forgiven and forgotten.
Don't they smell so yummy? I'm really looking forward to that baby smell for one last time:)