Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Just a warning - this may make some of you yack or just gross out. This is the disclaimer - if you loose your lunch, its your own doing. You could have stopped reading here.

Recently Will decided to quit his job in the effort of finding a new job that better suits him/us. Its been really really nice having him around the house. I get to share Fiona with him and its been lovely.

He was so sweet - yesterday morning he got up early and fixed me coffee and oatmeal. Now, I haven't had regular coffee in the mornings since before I was pregnant, so this was a real treat for me. And he fixed it just perfect with cream and sugar, which none should be without (how people drink black coffee I have no idea).

When he handed me the cup of coffee I looked at it and thought "Hum, thats funny. I thought we were out of milk. Oh well, guess I was wrong." So I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast and played with Fiona while Will went and fed the dogs. Later on he came back in and said "You make good milk, huh?" I didn't get it & just looked at him funny. His response... "Yeah, we were out of milk, so I used some of your breastmilk for the coffee. I didn't think you or Fiona would mind. Besides we're the only animals on the planet that don't drink our own milk."

WOW. Well, the coffee was tasty. No worries though, this is not going to become a regular habit. The fridge is now stocked with half & half.


Emily Korhonen said...

gross! and hilarioius! and holy cow when did will quit?

we are so out of the loop...

Andrea said...

HAHA...this is amazing...and could save you lots of money! ;-)

Jodi said...

That's hilarious! I totally agree with Will, it should seem gross that we drink cow or goat milk, not mama's! Still, I've never tried it in my coffee, maybe I will in a few weeks when it comes back in:)

Foley Mason Family said...


Will will like this article :)