Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Dream of Fiona...

Recently I've been having these dreams. They happen about 3-4 times a night, depending on how many times Fiona wakes up.

You see, each night I'll be perfectly sound asleep having a normal dream (say something about walking the dogs)...then all of a sudden my dream comes to a complete halt and changes into a dream about picking Fiona up from her bassinette, changing her diaper, feeding her, and then laying her back down in her bassinette.

The reality of it is that my dream does this each time Fiona is actually waking up. So when I finally get up I think that I've already changed and fed her and that she's just squirming and needs her pacifier. (doh - bad mommy)

The funny thing is - last night I finally realized what was happening when Fiona wasn't wearing the same PJ's as she had just been wearing just a moment ago (DUH - different jammies in my dream than what she was actually wearing).

So am I that sleep deprived that my body is trying to trick me into staying asleep through Fiona's squirming by dreaming about what I should actually be waking up to do? Does this make any sense?

Here is to sleep - or the lack of.

I love you Fiona. XOXO

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