Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Keeping up with the Jones'

I'd like to think that we're not the kind of folks that have to keep up with the Jones'...but, I've been jealous of everyone else's blogs for a while. Between school, work, and life I didn't think I could possibly find the time to keep one up. But in 4 short weeks my biggest barrier will be gone forever (or at least until i get bored and decide to change my career path again). So I thought it was high time to make our blogspot & help ya'll keep up with our busy lives.

Things going on lately
1. We're having a baby (gender-unknown) in T-minus 16 weeks and counting
2. We're buying a house in Southern Wake Co. (and by that I mean we are in the country!)
3. We're both graduating from our 2nd degrees in 4 weeks
4. We've started volunteering in the nursery at Vintage21 and loving it - those kids are hillarious
5. Will started working at Apex Vet Hospital & has applied for a position with the SBI
6. Jennifer will go to work at Cary Pediatrics until the baby is born and then take some time off

Well thats about it for now. I'll be updating this soon with new pictures of us, the baby to be, and our new home. We love you guys - hope to hear from you soon.

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Grace and Friends said...

You sound so busy!! Don't over do it, girlie! Enjoy these last days as a twosome, your world is about to be flipped upside down for the better! Love you!