Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Mom Awards

There are some things that I strongly believe new moms should get congratulations for -

1. Taking a shower without someone there to watch baby.
2. The first time she cooks dinner without help.
3. The first time she drives with newbie in the backseat & doesn't require someone else to ride back there to make sure s/he is ok.
4. The first time she gets the laundry done all by herself.
5. The first time she goes shopping with baby all alone.
6. The first time she leaves baby with someone else to do something good for herself.
7. The first time she can make-love to her husband without saying "Owww!"
8. The first overnight trip away from home with baby.
9. The first night that baby sleeps through the night.
10. The first time that baby gets a booboo & mom realizes she can't protect them from everything.

If ya'll have any more to add feel free to comment.

Love ya!


Foley Mason Family said...

The first 3+ hour car trip with baby

Foley Mason Family said...

Oh I thought of another one... living through your baby getting his/her first shots

Jessica said...

Those are great. I think I've accomplished about half. Another one is the first Dr. visit for mom without anyone watching the baby.

Grace and Friends said...

The first time you handle a poo-spolsion in public without freaking out...

Jodi said...

The first time you find out YOUR preciousness was the one who hit/bit/pushed, etc. and handled it with dignity and grace and humility.