Saturday, August 2, 2008


WOW! We have been totally blessed to have our family around for the past few days. I think just about everyone has come to visit & has gotten to hold and love on Fiona. We have had a special treat with Will's Mom & my Mom coming and helping us out. THANK YOU!!!

We also had Will's sister's over last night (Nina & Lea -I should have gotten pics - but Fiona was needy and I didn't get any - sorry!).

Today we had Christopher, Jennifer, Eli, Zeke, & Caleb all the way from Boone. Thank you guys for making the 4 hour drive to see us even if it was just for the day. Be safe going home!

Caleb, Kelly & Zeke

Eli, Christopher & Jennifer

So thats about all for now. Thank you to all the people who love us so much and who mean so much in our lives. We are truely blessed to have you all as our families and friends. I hope we can visit more soon - but for now its naptime...Fiona you've got the right idea.

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