Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunny Side Up

This week at our baby-check we learned that Miss Baby Farmer is "sunny side up" or "occiput posterior." This means that she is hanging out with her head down, but she is facing towards my belly button.
Most babies by 36 weeks have turned "occiput anterior" meaning that the head is down and facing towards the mama's back. OA is the ideal position for birth as it positions the baby so that the wider part of the head is toward the wider part of mama's pelvis. It is also ideal in that the back of the baby's head isn't pressing on mama's spine during labor.
So, in an effort to get Fiona to turn OA, my midwives have given me a list of things to try. These include working on my hands and knees and sitting in straight backed tilting backward! I must say - since bucket seats are off limits I've been driving with my seat back straight up. Anyone else ever tried this? Not only do I look incredibly silly to the other drivers, but its really hard to drive that way! Seriously, you should try it for just a mile or two...but be careful!!!
Anyhow - we'll go for our next check in 2 weeks - hopefully she'll have turned and dropped by then (38 weeks) and we'll be getting ready for her arrival.
Speaking of getting ready for Fiona --- check back soon as her nursery is almost done!!! I'll be posting pictures this week. Its so cute!!!
Hope all is well for everyone! We love ya, Will and Jennifer


cat said...

I didn't know you already picked the name! I love Fiona--it's beautiful! And hey, I *usually* drive like that! haha. Love ya--we'll be praying for Miss Fiona to do some turning soon.

Jodi said...

I too was thinking...I LIKE that name a lot. I can't wait to see pictures of the nursery. And of course, to see pictures of that little farmer baby.
Blessings Mama...
P.S. I'm trying to find that website you gave me with the instructions on how to wear the sling you made me...can't seem to find it. What happened to

Emily Korhonen said...

any new news in the farmer baby world??

Grace and Friends said...

where are those promised nursery pics???