Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Strangers make me laugh.

So I just got home from the thrift store where I was shopping for some warm things for Fiona. While I was there she was asleep in her car seat, so I just toted her along.

As I was standing near the sweaters a lady walks up and says "So how far along are you?"

Thinking she meant to ask how old Fiona is, I said " mean, well, she's 2 months."

At which point she turns and says "Oh! I didn't even see her! Sorry! I guess you're still just losing the baby weight."

.....Uh, yeah.

I don't know who was more embarassed me or her.

To try and make a joke out of things I said "Well, it sure would be funny if I were pregnant."

At which point she turned and said "You have been using protection haven't you?"

......Ok, awkward...time to check out.

Hahahaha. Ahh, strangers make me laugh.


i am amy. said...

aaah yes. i had that experience, too. the lady in front of me in a checkout line turned around and said, "When is your due date?" to which i (grumpily) replied, "Three and a half months ago."
aren't strangers wonderful?!

Emily Korhonen said...

that's crazy! and you so don't look pregnant, not even close.

cat said...

ahahahahahaha. so, the whole asking-someone-who-isn't-pregnant-when-they're-due is always funny to me, mostly because it's such a stupid thing for a stranger to ask, but that protection comment is unbelievable!!! gosh.

i don't care if your belly button is sticking out, you're wearing a "bun in the oven" tshirt and you are lactating all over the place--i won't ask any questions until you actually say something about being preggers. that is the only safe way!