Thursday, July 17, 2008

Full Moon...

Well people...its the full moon. And you know what they say about the full moon - Its when babies are supposed to come!!! Wouldn't that rock if it were true?

Technically we still have 10 days until our due date.

Yesterday I was contracting on and off all day & all night long. But today not even one havin' is so funny. I'm so used to having control over what my body does and it is an interesting feeling to just sit back and let your body do what it wants.

As for other things going on with us -

I almost have the nursery pics to share with you all. I took them and now its just a matter of getting them on here to show you. Its really cute...but very girly - so I'm hoping this babe truely is a girl or else we're going to have a bit of redesigning to do.

Garden update - if anyone wants squash, cucumbers, or eggplant just let us know!!! The tomatoes are in abundance, but not red yet.

Well, thats about it for now. I'm tired - bedtime! Love you all, Jennifer

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Grace and Friends said...

Go ahead and have that baby!! Well, I guess wait a lil' bit...hurry up and post baby nursery pics though!! I am DYING to see.