Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ahh, the book I read when I was a child that motivated me to become a nurse today. Yes, really.

If you have never read Nurse Nancy you should...its a great book.

I recently have started my new job at the Children's Emergency Department at Wake Med Hospital in Raleigh. PHEW - talk about busy. We are the busiest ER in the state. We also see the strangest and most outrageous things...things I never thought possible. And No...I can't tell you about them. Sorry! Patient privacy rules.

However, I can say - I love my job. Its wild and wacky, but very fun. So if your child ever gets a serious boo-boo come and see me. We're open 24/7...but mind the wait. Just cause you know me doesn't mean I can get you seen in under 2 hours.

Hopefully my schedule will even out soon and I'll only be working 3 days a week - which will allow me more Fiona time which may even translate into more blogspot time. Who knows - you may even get a video update of Fiona next time. :o)

On a humerous note - yesterday Will and Fiona and I went to the pool to get some much needed exercise. Will was looking at Fiona's swimmies and said - what about the diaper? Fiona wears a "swim diaper" which is basically just a cover with no padding - meant only to keep in solids...not to soak up liquids. At which point Will squeals "EWWW...she pees in the pool?" Yes honey, she pees in the pool - much like the rest of the people who swim in it. "EWWW...people really pee in the pool?!!?!!?" At which point I bust out laughing....yes honey, people pee in the pool all the time. For some reason - Will cannot get through his head that the majority of people who go swimming will pee in the pool at some point or another. I personally think this is hysterical as I watch him do calculations to see what percentage of the pool water is actually pee. He came up with 10%...I think thats a bit high. Anywho - to back me up on this. Who of you have peed in the pool. Oh come on now, don't be shy. Really - have you peed in the pool?

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Amy said...

OK, I pee in the pool. I also have a fear I'll do it sometime when it's one with dye in the water (do those really exist? Is this an urban legend?).

Personally, after being a year round swimmer for 6 years, a swim coach, a lifeguard... you mean there are people who DON'T pee in the pool?!