Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello world!

Hello world!

Nice to see you again...its been a while hasn't it? Sorry I haven't been around to blog, but life has taken over in full swing. As mentioned in my last blog, I don't get to see Fiona or Will much due to work schedules. And right now, I'm getting to blog because Will is over at some friend's house (so he isn't here to say, "noo...don't blog, snuggle with me!").

So here's the updates on our lives...

Fiona is doing great! She is almost 6 months old and growing so quickly. You can see all her pictures on my facebook page. I update there more frequently than here.
Breastfeeding - Fiona has decided that she is too mature to breastfeed in public; or even during the day for that matter. Which has forced me to pump for her daytime meals. I don't mind at all, but it has definately given me a new found respect for "exclusively pumping" mamas. My hats off to you all.
C0-sleeping - Fiona still has not transitioned to her crib. She'll nap there during the day for an hour or so at a time, but will not do long bouts of sleep in the crib. Therefore, she is still co-sleeping with us (something that before she was born I swore I would never do). We hope to have her in her own crib by 12 months if not sooner. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment...but if I hear "just let her cry it out one more time" I'm going to smack someone. Trust me honey, we've tried.

Will recently got a new job working for Ohio State University assisting in collecting samples and materials for research on antibiotic resistant salmonella in hog farms. He works in the local NC hog farms and comes home stinking like them too. Its long hard work but somebody has to do it. We're just thankful he has a job right now. He is starting his application to his get his PHD at NCSU...but that will depend on whether or not the school has enough grant $ to fund him.
Community Group
Recently we were asked to begin our own Community Group here in Angier for Vintage 21 (our church). We've been blessed to have 2 regular attendees (thanks Emily and Andrew!), and we're hoping for more folks soon. Its been an interesting challenge to work on truely living as Jesus' disciples...but hopefully we'll improve in His will. If anyone ever wants to come we hold CG at 7pm every Wednesday night.

Jennifer just accepted a new job at Wake Med Hospital in Raleigh working in the Pediatric Emergency Department. I start February 23rd and am so excited but nervous as well. I'm going to miss everyone at Fuquay-Varina Pediatrics as they are all so wonderful. But life is one of those funny ever-changing things and it was too good an opportunity to pass up. I'll *hopefully* be working 3 twelve hour shifts per week.
I must say - being a mama is my most favorite thing in the world. Right now I'm laying in bed next to Fiona. Watching her sleep and holding her while she naps are my two most favorite nighttime activities. I love to play with her and watch her grow before my eyes. She's just beautiful. Thank you Lord for blessing me with her! I can't wait for more!

Well I think that about covers it for now. I'll try to blog more often, I promise. But when I've got a Fiona to play with, no offense, but she comes 1st.

Peace Love and Contentment - Jennifer


Grace and Friends said...

sounds weird, but try a vaccuum in her room. Grace would fall asleep in her crib if she had a vaccuum on, it reminded her of the womb I guess. They have womb bears too you can buy. You can also try putting like a shirt that you've worn in the crib with her. Just some ideas...

Lucky K said...

Congrats on both of your jobs!

Re- the sleeping. Have you considered flipping her to her tummy yet? Nolan was the same way, and eventually we caved and flipped him and it worked like a charm.

Amy said...

It was nice to meet you officially the other night. :)

Are you still trying to transition sleep? You can sidecar the crib and get her used to it in your room, then start to move it further and further away from you.