Saturday, April 25, 2009


Just thought I would give all you Farmer Family Fans out there a little update on our lives since I feel like we are completely crazy and never see anyone anymore...

Will - got the news that he has been accepted into NCSU's phD program for Animal Science and will begin in August.

Jennifer- is working three 12-hour shifts a week in the pediatric emergency department at Wake Med Hosptial and loving it....drama, drama, drama!

Fiona - is crawling/scooting, pulling herself up to stand, takes baby steps while holding your hands, sleeps most of the night in her crib, says "Hi-Dada" (all one smushed-together word) when she sees Will in the mornings, is a complete mama's girl and will let you know very quickly if you try to hold her, and is growing so quickly!!! (Where is my pause button?)

For those of you who we haven't seen in a while, we miss you. I hope we see you soon. Now that we have our schedules worked out for a bit I hope we can make some trips. But until then...SMILE!


Amy said...

Missed you Tues, but congratulations on all your exciting news. Good job growing, Fiona. :)

Catarina Wanderlust said...

Congrats to Will!! I am so excited for him! You guys enjoy this last summer before he starts back. :)

You're working pediatric er!? That sounds HECTIC. I'm praying for you mama!

About Ms. Fiona. Look. I need to see that baby in person before she's in high school. ;) We need to plan something sooooooooon. I miss you mama!!

Mark said...

So glad i found your blog! Hope you and Will are happy and healthy. Fiona too!

Hopefully I will see you both soon. Jackie and I are engaged!